At Least 14 People Convicted of Human Trafficking Over Last 2 Years. 7/10/2016

Published by EWN

CAPE TOWN - At least 14 people have been convicted for human trafficking over the last two years.

There are currently five cases involving the smuggling of people before courts in the country.

South Africa has been identified as a source, transit and destination country for human traffickers.

The International Organisation for Migration is partnering with the
University of Johannesburg to raise the alarm on the problem as part of
Human Trafficking Awareness Week.

The IOM’s Zoe Rohde says law enforcement agencies are cracking down on smugglers.

“Looking at last year, we had 11 convictions of traffickers which is
great. It is a big increase from the previous one where there were three
convictions out of 19 prosecutions. Last year, there was also the
initiation of prosecutions against sex traffickers.”


The Western Cape Social Development has assisted 103 victims of human trafficking this year, which is up from 41 in 2015.