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This page and support for the TiB campaign against sexual and gender based violence in South Africa is managed by passionate volunteers - we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

We provide two versions of the badge and a badge is always provided with a bookmark and flyer.

The badge on the left is Badge A and on the right (the bigger badge) is Badge B. Please specify which badge you would prefer.





Badge A

1 to 30 = R4-70 each

30-99 = R4.35 each

100-499 = R4.10 each

More than 500 = R 4.00 each


Badge B

1 to 30 = R5.10 each

30-99 = R4.75 each

100-499 = R4.50 each

More than 500 = R4.40 each

Thursday in Black T-shirts = R90 each (Please specify size)

Parcels can be collected in Randburg or sent by courier. For post and courier we will need to add postage and packaging (remember, this is from South Africa). The cheapest option is normally Postnet to PostNet - this will be R125 for courier and packaging.

We are happy to provide materials internationally, but for small orders the postage costs are often higher than the cost of the material. It might be more cost effective if you use the print ready materials and print locally.

Please complete the order form. Please indicate whether you will collect, or need the items posted or courierd, and where you are. We will provide a quote for items that are to be sent.



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Number of badge and bookmark sets required
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