Thursdays in Black meets Saint Lucy in Sweden. 17 December 2018

Published from World Council of Churches

A group of Swedish Saint Lucy’s Day performers swapped the traditionally red ribbons for black ones this year, in support for the Thursdays in Black campaign. 

“We believe the campaign can help open people’s eyes to what is happening today, both in our own communities and around the world. And that we can urge people not to turn a blind eye, but stand up for what is right,” says Josefin Roos, who has been coordinating the group.

“Many of us are engaged in questions around domestic violence, and we are all keen to raise the question of how we as humans should treat each other,” she adds.

Saint Lucy’s Day, 13 December, was marked on a Thursday this year. The Swedish tradition is to celebrate the day through early morning processions of candle-bearing women and men singing Christmas hymns, dressed in white and with red ribbons around their waists.

Reactions to the black ribbons worn by this group have varied, but most have been positive.